Liberty Names of America Domain Renewal SCAM

Last year, I registered a domain name for a client and didn’t turn on the free WHOIS privacy that I get through my registrar at no charge when I purchase a domain name for $14.95 (ah hem…Godaddy charges $9.95 for the domain name and $25.00 per year for privacy – that’s how they get you ).

What happened as a result of not turning on this privacy has been a host of fake domain name renewals from various domain name renewal services all with an address of Niagara Falls, NY but the name varies each time. This time they are called “Liberty Names of America.”

I remember last time I got a fake renewal letter like this, I called them up and told them to take me off of their mailing list. They blatantly said “No!” I said “Yes! You are sending this letter to the wrong person – I know what is going on. Don’t send me anything else from your company.” They replied, “Don’t worry, we will.” And they didn’t lie, I got another one, this time from Liberty Names of America.

I know this is an age old scam and I remember in the 90’s working for a company where the president had bought 20 or so domain names. We received hundreds of renewal notices for these domains – so many that it seemed like every day our domains were up for renewal.

It’s a shame that this problem still exists and that no one is stopping them. I guess my best piece of advice is make sure your domain registrar is an accredited I-CANN domain name reseller and stick to only one registrar to avoid confusion.

As for Liberty Names of America, I hope somebody shuts you down or your wasting $.42 on each bogus renewal letter puts you out of business.  I recycled this piece of junk mail so at least some good came out of it.

Do not renew your domain name with Liberty Names of America, they are a SCAM!

The BBB has granted Liberty Names of America the grade of an “F!”