Google Pagerank Update Right on Time

It’s that time of year, the first quarter of 2009 is officially passed. And with the beginning of a new quarter comes higher Pagerank, for some, that is. How do you rank? faired above average with this update. We increased from a Pagerank of 2 to a 3 for our home page. Some other pages that show an increase in Pagerank was our Testimonials page and some of our more popular blog posts. Posts such as Dentist in Trouble for Buying Bugs and Steve Wilson of is a SCAM both came out of the update with a Pagerank of 2.

I can’t help but look back at projects I have done in the past to see how my projects have paid off. I peeked at Custom Modular Homes and see their home page has also increased to a Pagerank of 3. Along with the Pagerank increase, so has their search engine rankings for “custom modular homes” and  “custom modular homes ct“.

Other notable mentions are botticellis niece moved up to a Pagerank of 2. Pharmacy Expert Witness also moved up to a Pagerank of 2. Christian Women Speakers also moved up to a Pagerank of 2.

I am sure there are more great results out there.

Want to know your Pagerank? Get the “searchstatus” browser add-on for Mozilla Firefox, it shows both the Pagerank and the Alexa traffic ranking for every site/page visited.

Now it’s back to work for the next update which is at the end of the second quarter around June 30th, 2009. How will you rank?