15 Do Follow Social Bookmarking Sites

In my effort to simplify the internet (is that even possible?), I am launching blog posts of useful tools, tricks and free stuff.  Cool? Right?

With that being said, here is a list of 15 high ranking do follow social bookmarking sites.

For those of you who don’t now, there is a difference between “nofollow” and “do follow” links. The nofollow link does not pass the Google Pagerank to the links on it’s page where the do follow does.

In other words, these are the best use of your time.

  1. Folkd (PR7)
  2. Oneview (German) (PR7)
  3. Spurl (PR6)
  4. Feedmarker (PR6) – Feedmarker now charges $50.00 to create an account.
  5. LinkaGoGo (PR5)
  6. SpotBack (PR5)
  7. Connectedy (PR5)
  8. Blinklist (PR5)
  9. MyLinkVault (PR4)
  10. A1 Webmarks (PR4)
  11. OYAX (PR4)
  12. Pixelmo (PR4)
  13. TeDigo (PR2)
  14. MyPIP (PR3)
  15. SyncOne (PR3)

BTW, I have done my research and these are the best quality links you can get. If you know of anymore, please post them and I will review.

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