1 TB External Hard Drive

About two months ago, I began frivolously downloading free Photoshop brushes. I can’t recall the site now (although I should have never forgotten it). This site sent me to an external download site such as rapidshare, when I got my first ever virus. The virus was sneakily called Antivirus 2008, and proceeded to install what looked like an antivirus software on my computer.

Being the above average computer operator that I am, I knew something was wrong right away, but it was too late. I have two other workstations but I had no way of transferring all of the files over. I thought this would never happen to me.  I borrowed a friend’s iPod and was able to successfully transfer every single file I had to my other workstation. It took me 2 days to reformat my computer.

I vowed that I would purchase an external hard drive and  I never got around to it, but Santa did! I just received an early Christmas present, a 1 Terabyte External Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive came to me this week.  Do you realize how big 1 Terabyte really is? It is 8 trillion bytes of data. It is 1,024 Gigabytes. It is 1/80 of the space used by the U.S. Library of Congress, the largest library in the world!

I hear that Santa purchased this 1 Terabyte External Iomega Prestige Desktop Hard Drive from Tiger Direct for $129.99 $109.99 plus $1.99 S & H. What a steal! So if you are not backing up your pictures, your files, your videos…you need to. I have done the research and this is by far the best value. Thank you Santa!

Update March 2009!

The product listed above is currently unavailable but they have a cheaper one available now. The Seagate FreeAgent Desk 1TB 3.5″ Hard Drive – 7200, USB 2.0 is available for $119.95 $99.99 plus $1.99 S & H. An even better steal than the one from Santa.