The Simple Secret to Making Your Website Load Faster

You’re dying to know “The Simple Secret to Making Your Website Load Faster” aren’t you? It’s really an easy thing to do.

The 3 steps to a faster load speed on your website are:

1.) Open Notepad

2.) Add this line: “php_value memory_limit 48M”

3.) Save the file as php.ini (no other extension) and upload file to the root directory of your website (linux hosting).

That should do it! Load time is another important factor in search engine optimization.  The simplicity and effectiveness reminds me of my secret to making your computer run faster, so stay tuned for that tidbit!

P.S. If you are on a monthly plan just drop us an email requesting this file to be added to your website. Alternatively, if you are not on a monthly plan and need help implementing the php.ini file, please contact us for a quote.