The Best Marketing Method for Tough Times

Times are tough. Tough times call for budget considerations and marketing methods that were once hailed as the most effective, are now not nearly as effective as newer methods.

Take for example direct mail. Ten years ago, direct mailer’s were ecstatic with a 3 – 5% return on investment (ROI). However, both printing and postage costs have increased significantly since those numbers were accurate.

Historically speaking, yellow page ads were probably the most effective. Leads were already qualified before they made the initial contact. They were ready to buy, the question was from who. Hence the reason limo companies chose the name “AAA Limo Service” so they could be first in the phone book listings. Despite being effective, phone books have geographical limitations and can be quite expensive to reach new markets.

Where can you get qualified leads with unlimited potential?

I have both bought and sold direct mail, email marketing and display ads in my 13 years as a marketer and the ROI for a well organized internet marketing campaign is the best I have ever seen.

It’s now undeniably a revolution, the internet that is. I still believe other marketing methods serve a purpose, but the internet is where the biggest ROI for your marketing dollar. Get in now, while it’s still relatively inexpensive. My projection is that it will get harder (more expensive) and extremely more competitive in the months and years to come.

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